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It has been said that there are two great flashes of inspiration in the process of publishing a book, the first coming when the project is conceived, and the second when you finally hold a finished copy of the book in your hands. These are separated by a long, seemingly interminable time of perspiration. At first the sweat is almost entirely yours. Later it is ours as well, and it is almost entirely ours in the final stages, after you read the typeset galleys or page proofs. More...
DNB CET Review
Title : DNB CET Review
Authors : Dr Ishad Aggarwal,
Dr Aditi Bharat, Dr Gaurav Bharat
Edition : 4th
No.of Pages: 936
Size : 24 cm X 18 cm
ISBN : 9788189477219
MRP : Rs.695
Publication year : 2014
Publisher : Kalam Books
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